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    This section provides a number of meaningful documents, links and templates you will find useful to stay informed about the procurement market. It also offers support tools to easily navigate our website while learning about development projects worldwide.

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    Visit our Highlights Section to get the latest announcements, business events, news and training opportunities relevant to the international development community. Inside you will find the following pages:

    • News

      Receive the latest development news directly from the United Nations News Centre.

    • Publications

      Discover the latest titles in the United Nations Publications catalog both in print and electronic formats.

    • Awards and Initiatives

      Access a listing of noteworthy awards and initiatives including the United Nations Public Service Award.

    • Training

      Continue learning with this up-to-date training calendar with courses offered by UNITAR and others.

    • Events

      Find out what's happening in the international community, attend conferences, seminars and more.

    Media Kit

    Download our Media Kit, which includes high-resolution, ready-to-print copies of Development Business's promotional materials:

    • Promotional Flyer

      Ready-to-print postcard to help us spread the word at your next conference, seminar or procurement event.

    • PDF file of our Print Version

      Download a sample of an old print version for demonstration purposes and display the type of information you can now find on our website. For over 30 years Development Business was sent to print every two weeks. All our information is now available online.

    • Power Point Presentation

      We've put together a short presentation with important facts about Development Business. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues at your next event.

    Knowledge Center

    The Knowledge Center is our body of information where you can find answers to questions relating to the work of Development Business, its partners and the United Nations in general. It brings the benefit of collective wisdom accumulated through on-going dialogue with our clients and partners. Inside the Knowledge Center you will find the following pages:

    • About Our Partners

      Learn more about our partners! Here you will find information about the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and many more.

    • The Procurement Market

      Here you will find key figures representing the market share of different content providers. Development Business uses the term Global Procurement to refer to the aggregation of all goods and services tendered by its partnering multilateral development agencies. 

    • Results That Matter

      Each year, the United Nations system and the world’s leading development banks finance over $90 billion worth of projects around the globe. Learn about these projects' tangible impact in the developing world.

    • Partnerships

      Over the years, Development Business has forged a number of collaborative efforts with conference organizing entities, chambers of commerce, publishing agents, academic institutions, and intergovernmental bodies.

    • Best Practices

      In this section you will find a set of practical steps for the most efficient approach to working in international procurement, including publications by the World Bank and others.