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    The Knowledge Center is our body of information. Here you can find answers to questions relating to the work of Development Business, its partners and the United Nations in general. It brings the benefit of collective wisdom accumulated through on-going dialogue with our clients and partners.

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    Welcome to the Knowledge Center!

    In this section you can learn more about our partners and find relevant information regarding their work and historic relationship with the United Nations and the Development Business community.

    • World Bank

      The World Bank was established in 1944 at the Bretton Woods conference to speed up post-war reconstruction, to aid political stability, and to foster peace.Read more »

    • Asian Development Bank

      Founded in 1966, the Asian Development Bank is entrusted with the formidable task of eradicating poverty of nearly 2 billion people Read more »

    • African Development Bank

      Founded in 1964, the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group’s mission is to help reduce poverty, improve living conditions for...Read more »

    • AusAID

      The Australia Government’s Aid program is geared to improving the lives of peoples in the developing world. Its focus is heavily Read more »

    • BOAD - West African Development Bank

      The West African Development Bank was established in 1973 to serve the economic needs of the Franco-phone speaking nations of West Africa.Read more »

    • Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

      BSTDB is an international financial institution established by Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Read more »

    • CABEI

      The Banco Centro Americano de Integración Económica was founded in 1960 by Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.Read more »

    • Caribbean Development Bank

      The Caribbean Development Bank is devoted to the social and economic development of its member nations in the Caribbean basin.Read more »

    • EBRD

      Since its establishment in 1991, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has become the largest investor in regional projects, dispensing advisory services and assisting in policy developmentRead more »

    • Inter-American Development Bank

      The Inter-American Development Bank supports efforts by Latin America and the Caribbean countries to reduce poverty and inequality.Read more »

    • IFAD

      A specialized agency of the United Nations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development was established as an international financial institution in 1977Read more »

    • Islamic Development Bank

      Founded in 1973, the purpose of the Bank is to foster the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities.Read more »

    • MCC

      Formed in 2004 by the US government, the Millennium Challenge Corporation is an innovative response to the global challenge to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.Read more »

    • North American Development Bank

      The North American Development Bank was created in 1994 under the aegis of the NAFTA Trade Agreement between the United States and Mexico.Read more »

    • Nordic Development Fund

      The Nordic Development Fund provides assistance to low-income countries in meeting the challenges of climate change and povertyRead more »

    • Organization of American States

      OAS brings together all 35 independent states of the Americas and constitutes the main political, juridical, and social governmental forum in the Hemisphere.Read more »

    What's Inside?

    Inside the Knowledge Center you will find the following pages:

    • About Our Partners

      Learn more about our partners! Here you will find information about the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and many more.

    • The Procurement Market

      Here you will find key figures representing the market share of different content providers. Development Business uses the term Global Procurement to refer to the aggregation of all goods and services tendered by its partnering multilateral development agencies. 

    • Results That Matter

      Each year, the United Nations system and the world’s leading development banks finance over $90 billion worth of projects around the globe. Learn about these projects' tangible impact in the developing world.

    • Partnerships

      Over the years, Development Business has forged a number of collaborative efforts with conference organizing entities, chambers of commerce, publishing agents, academic institutions, and intergovernmental bodies.

    • Best Practices

      In this section you will find a set of practical steps for the most efficient approach to working in international procurement, including publications by the World Bank and others. 

    Other Useful Links

    When making business decisions, information is key. Navigate the global procurement marketplace and stay informed using these additional resources.

    • Procurement manuals
    • Guidelines
    • Standard tender documents
    • Banks' policies and procedures
    • Videos from our partners
    • Publications from the United Nations


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